Monday, March 8, 2010

for sum1 that hurt so much

I know I’ve let you down I know you’ve been hurt so much I know that I can’t promise you that I will not change I can’t promise you that I’ll never hurt you again because it coming and go I can’t give you my words as a symbol of my love cuz’ I know I can’t promise I won’t hurt you I know that I can’t promise you take the responsible I know I can’t promise you that I’ll totally honest with you I cannot promise you that I’ll surrender my heart,body and soul I can’t promise you that my love will never fade away And I can’t promise you’ll be the one I love for the rest of my life But I can promise you completely free be yourself But I can promise you can put the blame on me I’ll be your strength,I give you hope keeping your faith when it gone I promise you I’ll always keep my eyes on you whatever happen to you..that is a promise I promise that you can give your love to someone else when your love for me fade away I suppose should know that I’m the loser and you’re shinning like a star I can promise you that I’ll always there when you needed me as your friend And I’ll promise you I’ll lend my shoulder for you to cry on My ears to listen too,my hand for you to hold and my feet to walk with you And I also can promise you’ll always be my friend whatever life take part I’ll be here till the end That is my promise to you forever And breaking heart start break again When lies comes beyond the truth But now,through all the hurt and pain I know I can’t live without your trust anymore I wish I could turn back time Because the guilt is all mine cuz I can see your tear throught your eyes I’m sorry for blaming you for everthing I just couldn’t do by hurting you Sorry for take long time to say I’m sorry I can’t pretend say I’m sorry when you know I’m not Sorry seems to be the harderst words Please forgive me for hurting you all this time I realize I’ve been cruel to you but I can’t avoid it What’s done is done,it feel so bad I know it hard for you to accept this things I know I can’t just walk away like that from you I know we can’t forget the past And I know you can’t forget love and pride Because of that killing us inside And Promise never last forever Whatever will be..will be,the future’s is not our to see

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